A Level Business Tutoring 2023/24

Experienced Business tutor offering one-to-one coaching via Zoom

I offer bespoke lesson plans that fit your individual needs. Since we will be working 1:1, we will be able to get through the content much faster than is possible during school lessons. I can help with all A Level Business topics, as well as offering exam technique guidance along the way! We can either focus purely on the topics you would like extra help with, or we can cover the entire A Level course by starting at the beginning and working our way through each topic one at a time.

Exam Technique Help

Being familiar with the study material is of course important. However, only around 25% of the marks in the Business exams are for knowledge, meaning that exam success largely comes down to knowing how to apply the content to the exam questions in the specific way that the examiner is looking for. This is a skill that is rarely focused on in school as the priority is usually just covering the study material.

Writing top-scoring exam answers is often far easier than students think. All that is required is an understanding of what ‘analysis’, ‘application’, and ‘evaluation’ really mean in practice. Through 55-minute tutoring sessions, my students build on their existing skills and writing styles in order to produce exactly what the examiner is looking for.

Free Consultation Meetings

I offer free 15 minute consultation meetings where we can get to know each other so you can decide if 1:1 Business tutoring is right for you. We can also discuss your personal requirements and devise a plan of action for achieving your target grade.

About me

I recently graduated from Durham University with First Class Honours in Law and have since become a tutor in Business, Law and Sociology.

I sat over 70 final exams for my GCSEs, A Levels and Law degree combined, which has given me plenty of insight into the best revision and exam technique methods. My revision focus has always been efficiency and targeted study. I have accordingly devised a number of learning techniques that maximise understanding and retention, both of which are key to acing your exams. It is these techniques that I wish to incorporate into my tutoring so that students are able to learn and revise as productively as possible in order to remain engaged and avoid wasting precious time that would be better spent on extracurricular activities.

Having completed over 4000 hours of 1:1 tuition, I have lots of experience and can effectively adapt each session to the individual student. Most of my tuition has been in A Level Business, but I also offer classes on Sociology and Law.

Lastly, I currently hold an enhanced DBS certificate which has allowed me to tutor in schools as part of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP).


I have over 200 5-star reviews and two 4-star reviews, giving me an average rating of 4.99/5:

Price: £52 per hour

5 sessions: £240 (£48/hr)

Pay as you go: £52/hr

If you would like further information on A Level Business tuition, or would like to book a free Zoom consultation meeting with me, please do get in touch!