Market Positioning (Theme 1 Edexcel A Level Business)

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These revision notes cover 'Market Positioning', which is the third topic within 'Meeting Customer Needs' in Theme 1 of Edexcel A Level Business.

Specification topic reference: 1.1.3 Edexcel Business.

How to Get an A* in A Level Business

What is a market map?

  • Market mapping compares two features of a product or a brand, e.g. price and quality.

market map to show market positioning

Why can market mapping be useful to a business?

  • Can help a business decide which products to sell to which markets.
  • Can identify gaps in the market.
  • Can see the closest competitors and work out a differentiation strategy.

What are the limitations of market mapping?

  • Only compares two features/over-simplified.
  • Very subjective; based on individual opinion.

What is a competitive advantage? How many examples can you think of?

  • Something that allows a firm to be more successful than its competitors, such as:
    • Lower costs;
    • Advertising and branding;
    • Functionality;
    • Performance;
    • Customer service;
    • Sponsorships.

What is added value?

  • The difference between the cost of making the products and the selling price.
  • Added value = price the product is sold for – cost of producing the product. 


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